Monday, April 7, 2008

cool in the shades

Don't you just love the sun! Even if you have to slather on the sunscreen, there's no denying that time in the sun can cheer up the senses. So for all you sun worshipers today's fashion trend tuesday is all about the shades. Because there are so many styles that are fashionable, picking the right style for you is really about what will flatter your face. Here are some tips to help you find the right pair, depending on your face shape.

1. Round face- Picking a square shape or one with geometric or rectangular shape will help offset the roundness of your face and make it appear longer.

2. Oval face- You get to pick pretty much what ever style you like, because oval works well with all shapes.

3. Heart shaped- You will look best with up-swept, cat-eye shaped glasses. Any lens that is wider on top than the bottom will help balance a wider forehead and narrow chin.

4. Square face- Choosing a round lens will look great as it will flatter your face by adding softness to the strong angles. Also, cat-eye, oval, or rimless sunglasses will soften your features.

5. Long and narrow face- Oversized round frames will help shorten your long features and soften by adding width.--LeShan







Anonymous said...

I love you. I had Lasik surgery last August. I have bought a few pairs of sunglasses since, but I never really knew how to pick them out.

I guess that shows how off my picks for glasses sometimes were, lol.

Thanks for the post!

the girls of gt said...

I'm so glad you found Fashion Trend Tuesday's post helpful in finding sunglasses. Good luck (not that you need it:)on finding that fabulous looking pair that are perfect for you!