Monday, April 21, 2008

earth friendly fashion

You love clothes and you love the environment, but unfortunately they don't always go hand in hand. Many of the processes used to create the fabric are killing the environment like pesticides, and dyes. Today's fashion trend tuesday highlights some eco-friendly fashion in celebration of Earth Day. You can love your clothes and love the enviornment at the same time! These products are made from recycled glass, plastic salvaged from a dump site, bamboo, and organic cotton. Who knew we could be so resourceful?! Just click on the images below to find out where and how you can purchase some neat earth loving wear.

With several websites catching on to this earth friendly trend, georgie tees is also playing a part in featuring organic cotton tees and onesies. Go ahead, hug a (bamboo) tree, after all you just might be wearing it. --LeShan

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