Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Broken Chalk--out of the mouths of school kids

If you know anything about LeShan and me, we're all about the humor. It truly is the only way to get through days filled with diaper changes, endless laundry, mountain ranges of toys, peanut butter sandwiches ground into the carpet, and that's all before 9am. Today's wonderful web wednesday is a site sure to make you smile, quite possibly make you laugh out loud, and maybe even help you survive the finger paint on the wall and gum in the hair. (Yes, it can all happen in one day, trust me!)

Broken Chalk is a blog that brings you "tiny nuggets of teacher treasure." But these treasures aren't mathematical theorems or the writings of Kipling. They are the insights of school children, often wrong, sometimes irreverent, but always funny. The author has this to say about the site:
So this site's about school. It's about how, every now and then, amidst the careful handwriting, the painstaking drawing, just every now and then, something a little different pops up. Something with teeth. I've collected a few of them over the year, and it's time to share them with the world.
My latest favorites include "Co-ordinates" and "Advice to those who may be bullied." Though the site isn't updated on a daily basis, it's still fun to browse though past posts and I'm definitely looking forward to future ones! --Emily


Katie said...

I'm trying to find your post about that couple that designs shoes together. There was a really cute pair of moccasins. Do you mind sending it to me?

the girls of gt said...

Are you talking about the review I did for Boutique Cafe? You can find it here: