Sunday, November 4, 2007

we are all princesses!

I don't know what little girl hasn't imagined herself a princess at one time or another (some of us still do!), and in our current Kingdom of Entrepreneurship, many of us feel like we're dreaming the impossible dream when it comes to our business. I'm here to tell you you're not the only princess who dreams the impossible and yet has the ability to turn that dream into reality. Don't believe me? Then check out mompreneur monday's site of the day: Startup Princess. The tagline? "Make a wish, make it happen!"

Startup Princess is an online site where women entrepreneurs can network, learn, share, and mentor one another. With members all over the USA, Canada and Australia, Startup Prin
cess is a fabulous resource for women business owners. With exceptional resources and materials along with educational and networking events, Startup Princess empowers women to "recognize that they have the power within themselves, as they are a 'Princess' of their world, to make their dreams a reality through hard work, networking, and following inspiration." Just reading that statement is empowering!

Still not sold? How about this post on "How to Sell Your Product in Target Stores" or this one titled "Challenge: The 10 Hour Work Week" which gives a great plan for making the most of what little time we mompreneurs have. (This one is a must-read for all of us!) The site also has a fabulous lineup of Fairy Godmothers, mentors who offer consulting for women entrepreneurs wanting one-on-one support and advice. Yes, I said one-on-one support. How many sites do you know offer something as priceless--and princess worthy--as that? If you'd love nothing more than to be a startup princess in your own Kingdom of Entrepreneurship (okay, I made up that last part but it is pretty cute), then make Startup Princess part of your daily routine. You can fit it in right after planning the next royal feast (i.e. Thanksgiving) and just before granting (your two-year-old) that royal pardon. --Emily

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