Thursday, November 29, 2007

air travel and anthropologie

For today's thankful thursday I've got five things with one thing in common: They all start with the letter A. Not sure how that happened but it just did. Maybe I've heard the LeapFrog's Fridge Phonics Alphabet set one too many times!

  • Airplanes: They bring best friends and business partners from Orlando, Florida to Sandy, Utah for a much-needed business meeting and girls' weekend.
  • Anthropologie: What's not to love about Anthropologie? It's the one catalog I receive that makes my husband wish he were a woman (yes, he actually said that!).
  • Art class: This is a great outlet for my daughter and one thing at which she can excel while her big sister excels at swim team.
  • I love's free shipping and great deals. Just bought a great KitchenAid food processor at $50 off plus another $10 with rebate. And you can't beat the great reviews--wouldn't make a purchase without reading them!
  • AirCrib: BTVco's lightweight, ultra portable AirCrib made packing up the kids and traveling to southern Utah for Thanksgiving so much easier! (You can read my full review on Boutique Cafe.)

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