Wednesday, November 14, 2007

my latest "prized" possession

You'll be glad you stopped by for today's wonderful web wednesday, especially if you can't pass up a giveaway. Lace, the woman behind Keeping My Fingers Crossed, pointed me in the direction of Prizey, a clearinghouse of online contests and giveaways. What I love most about Prizey is that it's 100% spam- and linkbait-free. Plus every listing in their giveaway directory doesn't require a blog link nor is it a contest that will abuse your personal data. It basically filters out all the giveaways that have "strings attached" and leaves you with the cream of the crop contests and giveaways.

How does it work? Prizey bloggers scan the Internet (and other blogs) for great contests and giveaways from retail and company websites. As a result you get easy access to reputable and easy-to-enter contests. How easy? You can browse by prize value, scroll through the calendar to see giveaways with upcoming deadlines, or search for a specific giveaway. You better schedule some extra time in your day because once you visit Prizey you'll want to enter more than one contest (heck, the more you enter the greater your chance of winning, right?). And yes, I've already entered a few myself! The site offers a variety of easy options for staying up to date on the latest contests. Besides an RSS feed and daily email digest you've got a Google calendar, Twitter feed, and even a customizable blog widget. Who knew there were so many ways to be in-the-know when it comes to giveaways!

Prizey is also a great resource for bloggers and companies that want to promote giveaways with the same criteria (exciting, reputable, and easy to enter). To find out how to promote your own product to Prizey's readers, click here. For those of you who say "I never win anything," I've now given you the chance to prove yourself wrong. --Emily

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