Wednesday, November 7, 2007

it truly is a wonderful web!

If you're big on contests and love a good scavenger hunt then I've got an awesome one for you. On November 1st, Diaper Decisions kicked off its 6th Semi-Annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, a huge internet scavenger hunt that runs from November 1st through the 30th. georgie tees is a sponsor of the GCDH (our "mama lisa" tee is actually part of the Ultimate Grand Prize) and we're having a lot of fun hiding the cloth diaper icon on our site. (Have you found it yet?)

By visiting the sites on the hunt you have an opportunity to explore a myriad of excellent sites as you qualifiy for random prize drawings including an Ultimate Grand Prize worth over $600 and a Daily Prize for each day of hunting. I've seen the prize listings and they're pretty cool! I
will tell you, some of these sites are "extreme" sponsors and have hidden their icon where perhaps no one will find it--are you up to the challenge?

The concept behind this virtual scavenger hunt is to introduce you to a long list of wonderful WAHMs (work-at-home moms) and their businesses. While searching for the cloth diaper icon (no, it's not an owl) you'll visit the listed sponsors and be able to check out a plethora of new-to-you sites. Yes, they're a bit heavy in the cloth diaper area but there's still a good variety. Plus, as a hunter you'll be privy to special discounts at participating sponsors' sites. We're offering hunters 15% off their purchase, but you have to know the GCDH coupon code to get it! So get registered and see if you're as good at scavenger hunts as you think you are! --Emily

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