Thursday, November 1, 2007

bite-size candy and sugar highs

Though it's officially November today's thankful thursday is still candy coated due to Halloween's sugar high. So sit back, grab a handful of candy corn, and count your own October blessings this November 1st. Here are mine.

  • a child's imagination, something which children tap into everyday; you see it in all its glory on October 31st (perhaps we adults could exercise our imagination a bit more often)
  • bite-size treats, the sweetest portion control out there (though I just use it as an excuse to eat a variety of candy in huge quantities...bite-size means calorie and sugar free, right?)
  •, a site with a huge enough selection of Halloween costumes so that I was able to find and therefore purchase a "cute" gothic costume for my had-to-go-gothic 10-year-old (hoping it's strictly a Halloween thing)
  •, a site with a puppy costume warm enough and cozy enough so my 2-year-old didn't have to wear a heavy coat while trick or treating (dang that Utah weather!)
  • 62 days until the New Year, because that means the holiday eating has just begun and I have 61 days before making those New Year's resolutions
Though the sugar high is over and the sugar hangover has set in, we'd love to hear what you're thankful for this Halloween. And yes, you can name those bite-size candy bars individually... --Emily

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