Tuesday, November 27, 2007

my own pair of red high heels

For fashion trend tuesday I wanted to highlight one of the most fun mom-related fashion blogs in cyberspace. A Mom in Red High Heels reminds us that "when a woman becomes a mom, she should not give up on herself as a woman." Hear, hear!

In the spirit of fashion combined with motherhood (yes, it is possible),
A Mom in Red High Heels has a great new series called "From the Mouths of Moms," where you get to read about the beauty tips and tricks of fellow mompreneurs. I am honored that the editor thought my beauty regimen (you'll find out rather quickly I don't have one) interesting enough to share. You can read my "From the Mouths of Mom" feature here. I consider myself lucky to be featured alongside such fabulous women as Heather Ledeboer of Mom 4 Life and Rachel Zinny of dearjohnnies.

Spend some time on A Mom in Red High Heels and you'll quickly be reminded "
There is something glamorous about Red High Heels that can transform our lives. Red High Heels have magical powers." --Emily

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