Monday, November 12, 2007

love your booties!

Boots are big this season and anything goes. Today's Fashion Trend Tuesday is all about loving and flaunting your booties! Everyone owns a pair of boots (if you don't--you should), and at least one pair ought to be cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are the fashion icon of all boots, in fact history dates them back to Genghis Khan! Some of us may still remember the time, when cowboy boots where the envy of all little boys (and girls). Who doesn't love to see kids sporting their favorite pair of cowboy boots with everything from Sunday dress to pajamas to diapers...good lookin'!

The once practical cowboy boot has been made fashionable by Hollywood, think of our cowboy hero's like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. Hey, if they're good enough for Pres. George W. Bush, Jessica Simpson, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader's, they're good enough for...well I still like them.

Cowboy boots have come a long way, so wear your boots with pride, it's an american tradition... even if they are italian leather. Check out these fun sites for more on cowboy boots:

The Sundance Catalog. A great site for authentic boots

Cowboy boots: The Art and Sole. By Jennifer June.--LeShan

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the girls of gt said...

I love my cowboy boots! I actually own two pairs, black which I bought for country dancing in college (watch out for the music--it grows on you), and a brown pair I bought from Esprit not too long ago. And of course my little boy has a pair too. He likes to wear them with his pj's. Best outfit ever! --Emily