Wednesday, November 28, 2007

take note

Looking for gift ideas for the men in your life? Or how about a great children's book sure to delight your family? Lena's Notebook, an online magazine for mom, has just what you're looking for and more. It's a perfect fit for wonderful web wednesday!

In Lena's own words: "Based upon the philosophy that if we learn it, we should share it, Lena's Notebook is my attempt to pass along anything I learn related to children, parenting, relationships, clothing, home stuff and food (or I could just say 'life')." I couldn't have summed it up better myself! Lena's Notebook offers ideas for children's activities and games, parenting advice, fashion trends for kids, fun gift ideas, deals exclusive to Lena's readers, and a great section on charitable causes.

Get ready to do some serious note taking! Lena's Notebook has enough important--and fun--info to fill a page or two! --Emily

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