Monday, January 12, 2009

the power of a good nap

You've noticed by now that our usually daily posts are turning into 3-day-a-week posts. This mompreneur is finding herself busier than usual and more tired than ever, so some things have been removed from the daily to-do list. Hopefully with some sleep and some time management I'll be back on schedule but until then I will try and post whenever my time (i.e. kids, work, messy house, other commitments) allows.

Today's mompreneur monday moment is simply this: when you find you're being a far from stellar mom due to lack of sleep (late nights at the in-laws and sick kids will do that to you) and you can't focus on work because your mind is pretty much mush, take a nap. That's exactly what this mompreneur is going to do right now.

Anyone else a big fan of the nap? It's this mom's favorite timeout. What's yours? --Emily

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