Monday, January 26, 2009

101 posts for your blog

Though I have quite a stash of bookmarked sites ready and waiting for our blog, a day will come when I've run out of ideas. If you're a blogger, mom or not, this same scary thought may have crossed your mind as well. Have no fear! Mom Bloggers Club is here!

"101 Post Ideas for Your Mom Blog" Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers Club compiles a list of 101 statements, thoughts and questions aimed at getting your creative posting juices flowing. Being a mom we often suffer from that whole mommy brain thing where all coherent thoughts somehow unexplicably disappear. When you're having such a moment you can browse through Jennifer's lis; I guarantee at least one or two items will get you thinking...and then get you writing.

Browsing the list I found at least three ideas out of the first ten that beg to be written. I can only imagine how many I'll find as I read through all 101! Yes, mom bloggers have many life experience from which to draw but sometimes those same life experiences are what sap our brain of its usefulness. When those times hit--and they will, trust me--you can read through Jennifer James' "101 Post Ideas for Your Mom Blog." It will get you over that writer's block in no time! --Emily

P.S. The answer to #37? The mailman...and I plead the 5th as to why...

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Susie said...

Cool idea!