Tuesday, January 13, 2009

decor8: because fashion isn't just about you

Most of our fashion trend tuesdays have been all about the latest clothing and accessories. I can't recall the last time we featured a site or brand focused on making your little world as fashionable as your little one (or you). So today I have an especially stylish treat for you, a blog dedicated to delicious decor aptly named decor8.

decor 8, a blog with "fresh f
inds for hip spaces," first launched three years ago. The site offers its readers everything from "decorating ideas, interiors and independent art and design to inspiration for "living a more fulfilling, creative life." decor8 is updated daily with product reviews, interviews, home tours, do-it-yourself projects and even reader discounts and contests. Who doesn't love a good contest almost as much as a great sofa?

The woman behind decor8 is Holly Becker, a writer and interior design consultant with one foot in New Hampshire and the other in Germany. By living in both places she is able to bring readers the latest finds (shows, shops and studios) from Europe to the U.S. Holly is a regular contributor to Real Simple, Domino, and the Boston Globe’s Style & Art section. You can also read Holly's ideas and insight on Real Simple’s Home & Organizing blog.

With a woman such as Holly behind decor8 you have a style mixed with some serious substance. In other words, she knows what she's talking about and when she talks about something called Big Cartel, you listen (see "Big Cartel Shop Roundup"). Why else do I love this site? Because decor8 reminds me of my good friend LeShan. With her eye fashion and style and talent for design she could write for the blog. Me? I am better off reading it. --Emily


Kristina P. said...

Emily, what a great blog you have here. Thanks for commenting on mine. I will be back!

the girls of gt said...

Thanks! Absolutely love your blog at http://adamandkristinapulsipher.blogspot.com/ If any of our readers are looking for a blog sure to put a smile on your face (it helps if you're LDS as well), check out Kristina's. It's awesome!

Steph Bond said...

Hi Em, Love decor8 - it's one of my daily reads too. Holly has done a great job of cultivating a really caring, happy community around the blog too.