Wednesday, January 21, 2009

must-have toy: Playmobil Security Check Point

Today's post reminds me of when you hear a funny joke or see something funny on TV (like the cell phone commericial where the mom mixes up the leftover minutes with the new minutes on the coffee table) and you continue to randomly chuckle over it for days to come. Hopefully this week's wonderful web wednesday will do the same.

Actually, it's not my post that will make you laugh but rather the latest must-have toy from Playmobil, the Security Check Point. I hadn't heard of this toy until a Facebook friend posted a link to the toy on The toy itself isn't really that funny (see image). At first I actually thought it was the joke...Is there really a check point toy from Playmobil? Yes, yes there is. But the real humor is found in the comments at the bottom of the page. Dripping with sarcasm and full of wit I thoroughly enjoyed reading one comment after another. I had no idea Playmobil wouldn't be up to the task of teaching our children the reality of air travel. You better believe I won't be buying it!

Need a good laugh (and a chuckle or two later in the day)? Check out the Playmobil Security Check Point's comments on Ah yes, it's a wonderful, wonderful web! --Emily

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