Tuesday, October 23, 2007

your link to pink

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month...as though you didn't already know that! What could be more fashionable than sporting pink? So for fashion trend tuesday, I'd like to share some great links to to pink! I'm not one to go overboard with the color, but there's definitely something about pink that makes you stop and take notice, it's fun, showy, and all girl. You can shop till you drop--from pink scuba gear to pink mascara--you will never run out of pink paraphernalia to choose from. The best part is, it can all go to a good cause. Each time you look at your pink purchases it will remind you of a great cause that you support. Here's my top 5 favorites to get you thinking pink! (Click on the image to shop for that item.)

1. Pink Swiss Army Knife available from Swiss Knife Headquarters

2. by Ralph Lauren (I'm a real sucker for a tee)

3. Emergen-C Packets available at Whole Foods Market (okay it's not fashion, but it is f
ashionable to take care of yourself)

4. Sock Monkey Tee from CafePress.com

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Charm Bracelet exclusively from shopbop.com

Curious how much of the proceeds goes toward the cause? Check out
Think Before You Pink's website and see what companies are donating to breast cancer funds. --LeShan

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