Monday, October 29, 2007

no hidden agenda here

With a husband, four kids, a business, a blog, and a slew of extracurricular activities, if something's not written down it's not going to happen. That's why I love my momAgenda Desktop Planner and why I'm highlighting this product for mompreneur monday. Without it, art classes, cello lessons, play dates, doctor's appointments, and even the occasional date night would be long forgotten.

momAgenda has an entire line of fabulous products perfect for us moms trying to keep it all together (or at least trying to fake it). My favorite, their Desktop Planner, is a 17-month planner with a great week-at-a-view format and space for mom and up to four kids. You've got your overall view of each day at the top and separate spaces for others in the family. I use two of the spaces for my two oldest (thank heavens I don't have to schedule my other two just yet), and then one for a to-do list (or two depending on how many to-do's I have). I especially love the added space at the bottom for meal planning. Helps me to know just what day I'm fixing mac 'n' cheese so I can make sure it's well spaced from quesadilla night, which needs to be a day or two away from pancake night. And to keep you planning in style the Desktop Planner comes in five fun colors.

momAgenda also has a great Family Planner (see photo at top) that fits right on your fridge. It's large enough to fit everyone's schedule, which means no excuses for missing family game night. You can also stock up on notepads that cover everything from grocery planning to permission slips to babysitter's info. I need all the help I can get to stay organized and momAgenda makes it easy to do so. Check out their new Kitchen Folio, a great way to solve the paperwork problem by making it a cinch to organize--and therefore find--class lists, school schedules, sports schedules, menus, whatever it is you've got piled on the counter or in that junk drawer.

Hurry over to momAgenda and purchase a Fuschia Desktop Planner before October 31st. You'll not only be giving yourself peace of mind (and an organized mind at that) but also doing your part to help fight breast cancer. --Emily

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the girls of gt said...

I Love my momagenda book which my smart business partner recommended to me. Just another great way she keeps me organized!