Thursday, October 18, 2007

an attitude of gratitude

For this week's thankful thursday I really had to focus on the simple things. It was a hard week here at home with school projects, fussy babies, snotty noses, two-year-old tantrums (from my husband), and very little sleep. I needed this post today so I could refocus and readjust my attitude, so here goes! This week I'm thankful for...

  • Weight-Watcher friendly pumpkin cookies because then I can eat twice as many and not feel twice as guilty (recipe to follow tomorrow)
  • a two-month old who has given Mom smiles since week three and always lifts Mom's spirits even when Mom wants to stay grumpy
  • a separate toy room downstairs so I can just close the door and pretend Toys R Us didn't just throw up in my basement
  • late-night emails between friends--one of the cheapest and best forms of therapy
  • cold, rainy days that justify staying in my sweats until I finally decide to shower (if I decide to shower at all)
I know most people don't comment on posts, but if you've had a week like mine, give it a try. Let us know the five things you're grateful for and see if it doesn't give you an attitude of gratitude. It worked for me (that and the ice-cold Diet Coke I just finished off). --Emily

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Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Oh Emily! I'm first thankful for your post today, it grabbed my by the jugular and snapped me back into a grateful reality. Just the notion that you have crazy weeks too, full of toy room clutter, husband tantrums and diet coke makes me feel less alone.

I'm grateful for the 1/2 a sleeping pill I took last night so my guilt insomnia would leave me alone for one nights rest. I slept deep and lovely till my 5 year old woke up sick to his stomach - but those few hours were heaven, man I needed that.

I'm grateful for my crock pot and it's all healing power to cook up wonderous concoctions with minimal effort on my part. I like things that don't ask too much of me - my crock pot is top of my friends list these days.

I'm grateful to have an old, disgusting beat up van to drive around in. It's wonderful to never stress about what my kids bring into the car, smear on the seats, drop out of their mouths. We just get our tetnus shots and hop in!

And I'm grateful that my husband is working so hard, and is so dog tired when he arrives home that he can't possibly notice the chaos going on. He lives in denial and thinks I have it all together. How nice for him to have that zombie like state to dwell in most evenings. It keeps harmony in our home.

Love you Em!