Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fashion or function?

Time for fashion trend tuesday! Remember those days when you could go to the closet, pick out something you wanted to wear without wondering whether it was functional? Many times I might feel like wearing a silk blouse, or white jeans, or some strappy sandals. But knowing that I will probably end up having yogurt fingerprints plastered to my shirt, or crayon doodles on my pants, while balancing laundry with kids in tow, I opt for the t-shirt, worn jeans, and flip-flops. Sound familiar? That's why my favorite picks for fall's latest trends are the sweater coat and moccasins. They go well with everything from the t-shirt and jeans to a skirt and blouse, but best of all they are functional! I've gotten away with wearing my pajamas underneath because the sweater hides all, and the moccasins give me the dressed up look. Here are some of my favorite websites for these can't live without items:

Garnet Hill Sweater

Garnet Hill Moccasin flats

We know you have your favorites, and would love to hear what works for you! --LeShan

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