Sunday, October 21, 2007

pleasantly priced printing

Along the same theme as last week's mompreneur monday post we bring you a budget-friendly site for your printing needs. From business cards to letterhead to promotional items VistaPrint has quite possibly the best prices on the web. We've used VistaPrint for the insert cards we include in our packaging and the oversized postcards we use for mailing to retailers. Not once have we been disappointed on the pricing. You can even get free--though very basic--business cards by using one of their templates. Yes, I said free!

If you are interested in creating your own stationary or marketing materials VistaPrint allows
you to upload your design for a small fee, but it's worth it if you want to create a consistent feel among your business products. Best of all VistaPrint has specials all the time, and I mean all the time. For example right now (as of my typing this tonight, October 21st) you can get 250 premium business cards free (normally $19.99) and 500 are only $10! And over in the postcards section you can get 100 standard postcards free or 100 oversized postcards for only $15. A black & white backside and glossy finish are thrown in for free as well. Sure, you have to pay for added perks like a color backside or, as mentioned before, your own design, but when you can get 100 oversized postcards with your own design, glossy finish, and black & white backside ready for mailing for $20 plus shipping I think it's something to get excited about. (Yes, I get just as excited about great printing prices as I do about software discounts.'s a mompreneur's life. What can I say?)

VistaPrint also offers mailing services, creative services, and logo design. Not sure if those prices are competitive so shop around a bit. But visit VistaPrint and see if you aren't pleasantly surprised by their products and prices. It's a great site for business owners who have yet to find a money tree in their backyard. (Personally I think the previous homeowners took it with them...) --Emily

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