Wednesday, October 24, 2007

our senses make sense

For thankful thursday I want to express my gratitude for the senses. I'm not just talking about the sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound...but I'll get to that later. So here's the list in no particular order;

1) Sight. Okay, sometimes I could go without this one, like when I see the state of my house right now. On the other hand, here in Florida, we have the best sunrises and sunsets. It's a pretty great way to start and end the day.

2) Smell. My favorite scent in the world is the smell of a freshly bathed child. I love to stick my nose in the nape of my kids' necks, I could smell that all day, if only they didn't squirm so much.

3) Touch. A long hug from someone I love, it's like heaven on earth.

4) Sound. Listening to the birds chirping early in the morning, who knew such a small creature could have so much energy?! I'm just a bit jealous.

5) Taste. Almost any thing fresh is bound to be fabulous, fresh bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, you get the idea. Then of course chocolate...need I say more?

Then there's the other senses I am truly grateful for;

6) Common sense. This one is handy. It's what tells me to finally go to bed, so I won't be throwing tantrums that would put my kids tantrums to shame.

7) Sense-itivity. This one requires a combination of love and patience. I'm so thankful that my husband, kids, and best friend are gifted with this one!

8) Sense of Humor. Life would be very blah without this one! It's the only way I can handle the poopy diapers, the loud cell phone-talker in line next to me, or the extra 2 lbs gained while sleeping.

Yep, I am very grateful for all the wonderful senses!--LeShan

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the girls of gt said...

As usual my good friend says it all perfectly and puts it all in perspective. My five things aren't nearly as nifty but here goes:

1. An OBGYN who gives his patients a $50 gift certificate towards a spa service--and a patient who finally used hers!
2. Little Caesar's Hot 'n' Ready pizza.
3. 60-degree weather after 30-degree weather and snow.
4. A dad who loves to help organize my home whenever he's in town.
5. A mom who love to hold my two-month-old whenever she's in town (so this mom can regain some sanity).