Tuesday, October 30, 2007

easy fashion trends

What is your fashion style? Not really sure? Try taking this fun fashion quiz at lifescript.com. Once you know what your style is--whether it's all about comfort and function, or if your the neat and chic type--you can make being fashionable as easy as raiding your own closet. fashion trend tuesday is focusing on the hot new trends that anyone can take advantage of.

1. Red Lips. Very sexy, very fresh.

2. Black tights. So slimming, who wouldn't love this trend?

3. Colorful shoes. Help make an outfit go from flat to fun, by adding a colorful kick! (sorry for the pun)

4. Classic slacks. Jeans will never be out, but slacks are so hip. (again, sorry for the pun)

5. Chunky knits. Everyone has their favorite comfy sweater, now it's fashionable!

Even if you're not one to hound all the latest fashion trends, it doesn't hurt to "sneak a peek" at what's hip, every once in a while. There's always something fun you can adapt to your own, unique style. --LeShan


Katie Kates said...

The stinky part about that quiz is that you have to give your name and email address.

the girls of gt said...

I know...that's why I enjoy my hotmail account that I use strictly for those purposes.