Friday, May 8, 2009

Local find: Flour Girls & Dough Boys

This week I headed to Flour Girls & Dough Boys with the other girls from (more on that to come) and what a treat it was! From the funky chandeliers to the brightly painted walls to the tantalizing smells coming from the kitchen, the entire bakery is a delight.

The story behind Flour Girls & Dough Boys is a wonderful one and you really must read it. To whet your appetite here's a sample:

Flour Girls & Dough Boys is a 100% scratch bakery and an American Fork restaurant patterned after an East Coast style bakery and cafe. Carol Coppins, the owner of Flour Girls & Dough Boys, lived in Boston for 13 years. In that time, she came to love real European artisan breads. They were available everywhere. When she and her family moved to Utah Valley in 2005, it was very hard to find real European style artisan breads.

Thank heavens those real European artisan breads were so hard to find otherwise we might not have such a wonderful treat in American Fork! My favorite was the spicy chicken and bacon panini, the creamy tomato basil soup and the rich chocolate gourmet cupcake with mint frosting. Of course the sandwiches the 0ther girls sampled looked tasty as did the fresh salads. And the cream puff? I won't even go there!

On the way out I wanted to purchase a loaf of their decadent cinnamon bread and a chocolate mint brownie to go but unfortunately the register was closed. (We stayed a bit past closing!) Oh, and the soda dispenser had pellet ice--gotta love that!

If you're in Utah Valley or anywhere near American Fork you must give Flour Girls & Dough Boys a try. You won't regret it, though your waistline might! You'll find this fabulous bakery at 35 North Barratt Ave. (150 West). --Emily

P.S. Flour Girls & Dough Boys is all about supporting small, local business. Check out "Saving 'Main Street'"--if you're not already inspired to save small business you will be after reading their post.

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