Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Made By Survivors: Give a truly meaningful gift this Mother's Day

I am all for sparkly things and two-pound boxes full of dark chocolate come Mother's Day, but what really sets my heart aflutter is a gift that gives back. I don't think we give these gifts often enough, and so this Mother's Day I want you to really think before buying that slow cooker or Kitchen Aid mixer. They may help support your position as the "favorite" in the family but do they support a more worthy cause like fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery?

Made By Survivors is part of The Emancipation Network (TEN), an international organization that "[helps] survivors of slavery rebuild their lives after rescue from slavery, with sustainable income, education and help reintegrating into society. [They] work to prevent slavery in high risk communities such as red light and refugee communities, by creating jobs for adults and through volunteer trips and donations to our shelter partners for rescue, school fees, emergency needs and reintegration."

The Emancipation Network imports and sells a wonderful collection of beautiful handmade products created by survivors of slavery and persons at risk of being trafficked into slavery. Made By Survivors is where you can find these handcrafted products, from jewelry, handbags and clothing to paper products, home decor and fun children's items such as the Butterfly Purse pictured at left.

I love the Silver and Stone Necklace and these whimsical Recycled Rice Bag 3-Pocket Wallets! Though the selection isn't as huge as what you might find elsewhere online, I dare you to find a cause more worthy of your support. You can still give sparkly things for Mother's Day--they'll just have greater meaning this year.

For more the full line of Made By Survivors products, visit TEN's online store. To learn more about TEN and how they are "fighting slavery with empowerment" please visit The Emancipation Network site. --Emily

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