Friday, May 1, 2009

Catch my recipe on Sell...Party of 3

I don't get asked to guest post very often, but when I do I jump at the chance. I love writing, and though I may not be the most entertaining or poignant blogger I like to think I contribute something, even if it's just a simple albeit decadent recipe.

I met Von from Sell...Party of 3 at a recent girls night out and loved her immediately! She was friendly, outgoing, funny, honest and totally cute--kind of like her blog. I was extremely flattered she asked me to write a guest post and the subject was a no-brainer when I saw how much everyone enjoyed the dessert I brought to the party.

Check out Sell...Party of 3 and my scrumptious recipe for chocolate trifle. Your life will never be the same!

Do you have a favorite trifle recipe?


Mrs Zeee said...

will definitely check it out...

the girls of gt said...

So glad you stopped by, Mrs Zeee. Love your blog!