Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time to pass the georgie tees torch

I tried to come up with some lighthearted introduction to today's post but just couldn't do it. Not that it's a sad subject--it's actually a rather exciting one for us, and in a way relates to a fashion trend tuesday post. The good news is LeShan and I both have a few new projects in the works. The bad news is in order to make these new endeavors happen, we will be moving on from georgie tees, selling the company we have built over the past three (almost four) years.

You will find a mini post about all of this on a couple of our favorite sites and we didn't want it to take you by surprise. It's already up on A Mom in Red High Heels and a similar mention will soon be seen on the Mom 4 Life blog, Boutique Cafe and The Lily Pad. Here's how our friend Tammy is helping us spread the word--her post, "Own It: Your Own Maternity & Infant T-Shirt Line," made me smile:

Moms, one of my favorite maternity t-shirt lines, is for sale! georgie tees™ is designed to add humor–and kick!–to this amazing thing we call motherhood! georgie tees™ brings you freshly baked style in infant & maternity apparel. LeShan and Emily, the moms behind the biz, have both been interviewed right here on A Mom in Red High Heels!

If you’ve ever thought of owning your own business in the maternity/infant fashion industry, this business is definitely worth looking into!

LeShan and Emily, the women behind georgie tees, are looking for a mom or moms who are interested in owning their own business and who would be a perfect fit for their company. LeShan and Emily have spent over three years building their business and as much as they’d love to continue, both women have new projects they are working on and entrepreneurial husbands who could use their wives’ help to grow their own businesses.

Even with all the multitasking these women do, they can’t make time for everything in their busy schedules! They have built a strong foundation for georgie tees and are excited to see it grow under new ownership. If you or someone you know might be interested in georgie tees, you can email LeShan and Emily at bizinfo[at]georgietees[dot]com for more information.

We appreciate everyone who is helping spread the word. We aren't in a hurry; we're all about making sure the new owners will be a great fit for the company (i.e. we hope they have a good sense of humor!). For more information you can email us at bizinfo@georgietees.com. Until the sale is final (and probably for a little while after) we will continue to pour our hearts and souls into our baby company...it's what mompreneurs do! --Emily

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cristina said...

i'm happy for you guys but so sad for me. those are some big shoes to fill between you and leshan. much love and success to both of you.