Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'tis the season for leg warmers

I'm probably going to date myself on today's fashion trend tuesday by telling you I remember wearing pink leg warmers in the 6th grade. They were so totally cool layered over my jeans. I think I even had a pair of striped ones. (I also had a Flashdance-type sweatshirt, but we won't go there...) Leg warmers haven't been in style since the 80's, but thanks to BabyLegs, they're now a fashionable must-have accessory for your little one--and they're not just for girls anymore (or for kids)!

Many of you already know about BabyLegs, but for those who don't, the idea for BabyLegs started when a mom wanted to keep her diaper-free daughter's legs warm while she was healing from bad rashes. Her impromptu creation allowed the rash to heal and had a few other positive side effects: they made diaper changes quick and easy; kept her knees protected while crawling; and provided sun protection. After moms continued to ask her about her daughter's little leg warmers, she began selling her invention out of a diaper bag. Not suprisingly, the popularity of BabyLegs spread quickly and these fashionable leg warmers can now be found in over 50 countries.

Looking at the fashionable designs, you can see why BabyLegs are so popular. From rainbow stripes to classic colors to red-hot flames, there's a style to suit every personality. (The Bones style would have been perfect for Halloween!) My favorites are the Pink Flame, Vine (organic), and the Lollipop (super soft). Believe me, it was hard to narrow it down to three for this review!

If you think the styles seem endless, the ways you can wear BabyLegs are too. Sure, you can put them on your little one as he crawls around the house, but you can also cover up his legs while in a front carrier or his arms so he can wear his favorite short-sleeve hero t-shirt even in chilly weather. Teens and adults are also getting into BabyLegs. They wear them over shin guards to show their true colors, over their arms for warmth, or simply as a fashion statement.

You can purchase BabyLegs directly from the site or from a variety of online boutiques. You can also find them at Target (another great excuse to hit Target this week). A pair runs about $12 though you can find some styles on sale for around $10. --Emily

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