Sunday, November 9, 2008

StartupPrincess: How to Get Media Coverage for Your Product

I promise I really do find some of these great mompreneur monday resources on my own, but when StartupPrincess has a great article, which they often do, I have to share. I have found their posts, interviews and articles informative, insightful and important for my business. (Ah, the power of alliteration!)

Take the article, "How to Get Media Coverage for Your Product" from Margie Zable Fisher of Zable Fisher Public Relations. Did you know there are only three steps in this process?

1. Have a great product.
2. Find the right media contact and make a great pitch.
3. Follow up.

Sounds easy but it's so much more involved than that. Take the first step--do you really and
truly have a great product? And if you do, can you sell it? That last question brings me back to the StartupPrincess TouchPoint conference I attended and the epiphany I had when I learned the importance of an elevator pitch, even if I weren't looking for outside funding.

Finding the right media contact isn't easy either. How do you sort through the lists and lists of contacts, from print media to online media? And making a great pitch is all about that 30-second elevator pitch...but tailored to your audience.

You'd think following up would be a no-brainer, but I know too many people who fail to do so. That's one thing I try to be good about, and though I've had the occasional contact not ever reply to my inquiries as to whether or not they received our product sample (not
going there in this post), following up has definitely paid off for our little company.

And that's just my take on the article. I didn't even begin to cover the nitty gritty on how to accomplish each step. If you want that you'll have to read the full article by Fisher on StartupPrincess. And then print it out and have it handy so you can reference it every time you make a pitch or plan a new product launch. Those three steps could be your guide for success. --Emily


Susie said...

I saw this article somewhere else but, the information bears repeating and is very valuable:-)

If you can keep a secret, that is part of my big news this week:-) My shop is being showcased on a local news program on Friday. We shall see what it does for business:-)

Margie Zable Fisher said...

Thanks for the shout-out, girls!

Best Regards,