Thursday, November 20, 2008 coupons, coupons and more coupons!

Though I'm not a frequent coupon user I am a frequent coupon code user. Yes, there's a least to me. Coupons are those little things you have to clip from the newspaper ads whereas coupon codes you can simply enter in a tiny little box at checkout. (Can you tell I do most of my shopping online?!?)

Today's that's hot! thursday is brought to you by my good friend Jen, who just introduced me to This site has coupon codes for more than 20,000 stores--yes, 20,000! You can search by a store's website address or keyword. Or just browse the homepage for the most popular stores and coupon codes. The process is pretty simple but if you're a bit wary of using, they have a nice little video tutorial you can watch.

I thought I was a pro when it came to using online coupon codes but apparently I have much to learn. That's okay; when it comes to online shopping I'm happy to practice until I'm perfect! --Emily

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