Monday, November 3, 2008

the power of mom bloggers

Blogging is big, and for the lucky few it is even big business. Today's mompreneur monday feature touches on the power of mom bloggers.

If you're reading this blog you're more than likely a mom blogger yourself or know someone who is. From moms who blog about the BPA-free children's toys and accessories to moms who blog about the latest fashion trends, the blogosphere is full of moms who blog about products. In "Mom Bloggers May Be Key to Marketing Success," the author gives a brief but powerful look at the statistics behind MBs (my acronym for "mom bloggers"):

  • 96% of moms value recommendations they find on mom-run blogs
  • Over 78% of MBs review products and services
  • 94% of moms rely on other moms to make purchasing decisions
  • More than 60% of MBs consider making money important and want to connect better with companies
  • 37% of MBs have been contacted as resources for the press
I'm not surprised by these figures, mainly because I am a MB for and I know about the large audience of moms who seek out product reviews, paying close attention to those written by moms with whom they can relate.

Another great article is "Five Reasons Why Mom Blogs Are the Blogs to Watch:"
Mom blogs are poised to become the next big 'It' when it comes to the internet–they’re gathering power like no other blogging niche and will only get bigger and better.
Sounds good, doesn't it? The article goes on to list the author's five reasons why mom blogs are growing in popularity (I've included my own thoughts about each reason):
  1. Moms can blog at home--we can work whenever, however we want
  2. Moms need the sociality of the Net--this is a no-brainer; without online communities we might never have an adult conversation throughout the course of the day
  3. Moms have a wealth of material to use--we can blog about anything and everything because we can do anything and already do everything, plus we can make it real
  4. Moms are record keepers--how many friend & family blogs do you keep track of?
  5. Mom blogs wield economic power--we are often the buyers in the family and we want to know the latest about new products and services and we will give our honest opinion about said products and services

Mom bloggers (MBs) are part of a huge market. If you can tap into it, whether as a company wanting to get the word out about a new product or a mom wanting to share the ins and outs of organic children's products, there's a pretty darn good chance of success. And I wish you all the success in the world...go, moms! --Emily


Susie said...

I love that mom's are finally getting the recoginition that we deserve as the driving force of the family.

PRIIA Cosmetics said...

It's fabulous to see moms harness the power of the internet. Everything that the article discusses is so true. Just look at how Twittermoms has grown. I think I was member 350 and within a few weeks it has grown to over 4,000 members! Go Moms! Yeah us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gals!

I love your blog and especially this article--what a great post!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Heather Allard
The Mogul Mom

Haasiegirl said...

Your right, mom bloggers are a huge influence on other women purchasers!


Moon Loh said...

Yeah.. the power of mom bloggers are very wonderful. There are tons of mom bloggers out there and "we may be the key to marketing success". Haa.. =)