Thursday, November 6, 2008

bundle up with JJ Cole's Bundle Me

As the snow falls outside my window I've been thinking of what product to feature on today's that's hot! thursday, and having driven the girls to school this morning in said snow, the perfect product came to mind. In fact it's one of my favorite product reviews from Boutique Cafe, the Bundle Me from JJ Cole.

If you live anywhere that gets cold in the winter (lucky me), the Bundle Me is a must-have baby product. I first reviewed the Original Bundle Me back in October of 2006 and I used that thing 24/7 during the late fall, winter and early spring. Then I was lucky enough to review their Bundle Me Lite (perfect for spring and chilly summer evenings) in 2007, so I was beyond stoked when they asked if I would review the Urban Bundle Me in JJ Cole's newest color, Sassy.

With a one-year-old little girl, I opted for the toddler size to allow a little room for growth. In typical Bundle Me style--but in a non-typical, super cool color--the Urban was designed to allow my daughter's safety straps to rest directly on her. Plus it's been crash tested. (Believe it or not, safety is more important to me than style, but I’m really glad the Urban has both!)

As much as I loved my Original Bundle Me, I really like the Urban's quilted outer nylon shell because it does a better job protecting against rain and snow, and though I also was a big fan of the Original's shearing lining, I could easily get used to the soft chamois lining the inside of the Urban. I’m really excited about using this in the car seat because the heat in my old van takes a while to get going. This will definitely come in handy during those early-morning drives to school!

The Urban Bundle Me is just as machine washable as the others and also has a removable top so my little one will be comfortable even on those rare unseasonably warm winter days. After the snow that fell yesterday and today I am jonesing for even a day in the 50s.

The Bundle Me will be your best friend this winter, and we could all use another best friend. Surround your little one in warmth and style (especially in its three new colors: Frenzy, Lagoon and Sassy) with JJ Cole's Urban Bundle Me.

Note: You can read my full review on JJ Cole's Urban Bundle Me and their new burp clothes at --Emily

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