Monday, August 18, 2008

using eBay to drive traffic to your website

One night my husband told me a coworker mentioned a way to use eBay to drive traffic to a website. After failed attempts to connect with this coworker to talk more about it I decided to try and Google my way to an answer.

Come to find out quite a few articles and blog posts have covered this unique--and affordable--method for increasing traffic to your site. I've read through quite a few and here are my three favorites so far. Keep in mind I haven't read them all!

Here is a YouTube video, "Using eBay to Drive Traffic," showing you how to drive traffic to your site solely using the About Me page. It has both dos and don'ts and I found it easy to follow and especially helpful for people who learn more by watching than by reading. I believe it even showed some great ways to spruce up your About Me page.

I'm currently in the process of setting up an eBay account for our business and will let you know how it goes! And feel free to do your own research. If you come across a fabulous and informative article, please include it in a comment below. Or if you've used this method or know of another one just as effective we'd love to hear about it!

While looking for more info on using eBay for traffic generation I found a ton of other articles and YouTube videos covering other ways to increase your site's traffic, so perhaps we'll feature a few others in a future mompreneur monday. Have a great week! --Emily

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Anonymous said...

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