Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tag a Towel helps bring order to your bathroom

No matter how hard I try or how threatening clever I am, the bathroom my girls share is a disaster. The counter is strewn with toothbrushes, combs and mismatched earrings and the floor is an impressionistic pattern of shirts, pants and bath towels. The girls have become better at keeping the counters clean--the mirror is a hopeless cause at this point--but the floor is another story. When asked to clean up I often hear "but I didn't use that towel" or "I already picked up my towel" (funny how the towel rack is empty no matter the claim). If you hear similar excuses then today's that's hot! thursday is for you.

Tag a Towel is a simple yet effective way to bring a little calm to your bathroom towel chaos. The fashionable magnetic tags snap onto a towel's edge. Everyone has a distinct tag so there's no confusion when it comes to whose towel is whose--and no more lame excuses. Plus Tag a Towel helps prevent the spread of germs because you can keep track of which towel was used to wipe down your snot-covered toddler (dang that preschool!) . Your laundry pile might also feel the effects as family members reuse their own towels rather than pulling a new one from the cupboard after every shower.

Designed by a mom--the best products often are--Tag a Towel is an ingenious way to battle bath towel confusion. Heck, anything that makes it easier for my girls to keep their bathroom clean (and mom's sanity intact) is a must-have product in my book! The site is fairly new so you'll want to sign up for Tag a Towel's newsletter to be notified when they're available. I'm going to be first in line! --Emily

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