Sunday, May 18, 2008

strength through the tears

Many of you know Heather Ledeboer, the woman behind Mom 4 Life, a site whose "extensive product line is comprised entirely of the handiwork of moms." Heather has been interviewed numerous times and her story, along with her faith, has served as an inspiration for many mompreneurs, including myself.

Recently Heather and her family have experienced something no family should ever have to go through. Just three weeks before her little boy Sawyer was due his heart stopped beating. Many hearts broke when we heard the news and many tears were shed as we read Heather's account. She has somehow found the strength to share her story with all of us. It has been a very tender glimpse of her family and I have found myself amazed and inspired by her courage, her faith, her love. Heather is a truly amazing woman and my heart, prayers, and love go out to her and her family. I have a strong feeling they are being carefully watched over...

Perhaps you can find a quiet moment in your busy Monday to send your own prayers and thoughts and support to Heather and her family. --Emily

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