Monday, May 5, 2008

The 10 Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistakes

For mompreneur monday I bring you a quick and very to-the-point slide show on the ten biggest (and probably most common) mistakes an entrepreneur can make in business. (I found this on The Big Idea website--one of my fave business sites.) Though I'm sure many of us women business owners make far less mistakes than our male counterparts (wink, wink) it is still worth a read: "The 10 Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistakes" by Mike Michalowicz from Obsidian Launch.

And then, just for fun--because all work and no play make Mom totally nuts!--check out "The Most Beautiful Money in the World." David Standish, author of The Art of Money, shows you his top picks for "some spectacular sights that fit in a wallet." My favorite is a tie between the New Zealand Dollar and Comorian Franc...what's yours?

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