Sunday, May 11, 2008

managing expectations as a mompreneur...and a mom

I wasn't going to do a post for Monday--I had planned on taking Sunday off to enjoy Mother's Day, but it is this year's Mother's Day that serves as the inspiration for today's post. I was reminded today that being content in business, motherhood, and life often has a lot to do with managing our expectations.

LeShan and I have learned a lot about managing expectations in business. We have managed our expectation as to when inventory will be ready from the screen printer and designs will be ready from our designers. We've learned to be realistic about how much work we will accomplish each day and to not get too frustrated when all we manage to do is reply to email. Though we really wanted to do MAGIC Kids this August, it just wasn't the right time and so we're content to wait until February, again managing our expectations as to what we'll accomplish for our business this year.

And today I was reminded once again to manage my expectations about motherhood (aka "life"). I had imagined a day of rest and relaxation, cards and candy, and angelic children. Well, I received some great homemade cards and yummy candy, but as for the rest? Yeah, let's just say my day consisted of trying to nap while kids ran the crushed ice maker on the fridge (on the other side of our bedroom wall), played loudly outside, and had a couple tantrums. Then it was a trip to the doctor's office with our toddler because of a persistent cough, the same cough that had made him spew fruit punch all over the couch earlier that morning and fruit snacks all over the kitchen floor just before that call to the doctor's office. Funny thing, the doctor had roses for all the moms who came in that day. Yep, he knew it would be Mom who would be bringing those sick kids in...Then it was a trip to the store for some Benadryl and back to a messy house, grumpy family, and really grumpy mom. At least dinner was yummy, probably because I had spent the morning putting it together.

So it was a less-than-stellar day, and my toddler is still hacking is lungs out (supposedly it's just allergies) so that means another sleepless night. (I was up from 1am to 3am last night with him so Mother's Day had an awesome start.) Don't get me wrong; I absolutely love my family and I love being a mom, but when it comes to Mother's Day 2009 I will manage my expectations a little better and go with the flow (kind of like birthdays after the age of 25). I'm not saying that you shouldn't have any expectations in business and in life, just be more realistic about what to expect. You'll be a lot happier if you do. (A tall, cold glass of Diet Pepsi at dinner and a large helping of chocolate cake for dessert helps too.) --Emily

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