Wednesday, May 28, 2008

mother earth's gifts for mom and baby

This unique line of all natural, organic products for mom and baby is amazing! They have products to ease moms through each stage of pregnancy right into motherhood. The Earth Mama Body Butter is great for moisturizing skin to prevent stretch marks and helps to make them less noticeable. The fragrance is so delicious you'll want to keep smelling it all day...literally...I can't stop smelling it! Since I'm not nursing a baby, I was happy to share the wealth with a friend of mine who is. She had nothing but rave reviews for the Nipple Butter claiming it works miracles and you don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals that baby might ingest. And if the Nipple Butter isn't enough, you can get even more relief with the Booby Tubes, made from 100% organic cotton and all natural flax seed. They can be heated or you can freeze them depending on what you need, so versatile!

Babies will love the gentle Angel Baby Shampoo and Lotion. The soft scent lingers all day after a bath, making them smell oh so sweet, as though they could be any sweeter! You know you are doing something good for baby, for you, and for the environment when you buy natural and organic products. Earth Mama Angel Baby is truly a product line you will love using for your family. You'll feel good about giving back to the Mother who gives so much, our Mother Earth.--LeShan

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