Monday, February 18, 2008

Woman Owned helps you fake it 'til you make it

For today's mompreneur monday I’m going to share a little secret with you: even though it's been over two years since we officially launched our business, LeShan and I still find the learning curve pretty steep. We may look like we have it all together but don’t let our well-designed website, fun product line, and knack for writing great copy fool you. Every day is a new learning experience and I swear every day I search the web for an answer to another business-related question. A while ago I was searching for help on business plans and stumbled upon a site all mompreneurs should bookmark: Woman Owned.

Woman Owned was formed in 1998 and provides a wealth of useful information, tools, and advice for women business owners. Whether you're looking to start a business and need a small business loan or grow your business and need a good business plan, Woman Owned puts articles and resources at your fingertips. From press releases to meta tags to the various types of funding (do you know the ins and outs of angel investors?), Woman Owned has the info you need. The site also features an online search engine of women business owners from every type of industry and from almost every country around the world. Now I call that networking!

I have yet to fully explore Woman Owned, but I’m definitely going to make time to do so. And until we know it all, we’ll just keep
fakin’ it (something we're really good at!). --Emily

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