Wednesday, February 20, 2008

get in the groove!

Who doesn't love music?! It's for everyone, young and old. There is music to suit anyone's taste or preference. This thankful thursday is all about the music we love and why we love it. Music can lift or create a mood, it can make us fall in love, create atmosphere, or make us want to get our groove on (interpret as you wish). Just this morning as I put in a CD to bring the chaos from my kids down a notch, they got a little frustrated when one of them asked, "Where's the loud? It's not getting loud." Give thanks for music by putting in one of your favorite artists and let the music move you!

Here's what's in my CD player:

Paul Potts- My daughter listens to this every night.
Loreena McKennitt- All of her albums are great.

Madonna- Confessions on the Dance Floor, great dancing music.
The Killers- All of the albums are "killer" but my favorite is Sawdust.

Oldies but Goodies:


...and since it's still the month of LOVE, enjoy this from the Beatles. All we truly need is love!--LeShan

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