Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DenimBlog.com and HonestForum.com give you the skinny on designer jeans

I may not know much about the world of fashion but I do know quite a bit about jeans. I love jeans, I live in jeans, and I own a lot of jeans. Casual day? Faded GAP Long and Lean jeans and a favorite t-shirt. Night on the town? Esprit or Hudson straight-leg jeans and heels. I don't own too many high-end designer brands for budget reasons (Rock & Republic on ebay are a still a bit pricey) but I still like to dream and I still want to know what's hot. Today's fashion trend tuesday is all about the denim.

If you want to keep up on the latest denim styles and trends then head on over to DenimBlog.com, a "daily journal of designer denim and well dressed individuals." You'll find the latest styles from your favorite designer brands, celeb photos, and denim news. The site is actually powered by HonestForum.com, the largest online community dedicated to authentic premium denim.

HonestForum.com claims to "have a bunch of eagle eyed pros who can spot a fake pair of jeans from a mile away." Now that would be helpful if you've got your eyes on an claimed-to-be-authentic pair on ebay or some other site. HonestForum also has its honestmall, which has a 99.98% "authentic" success rate after over 10k transactions. What I really love about HonestForum is if members find someone (ebay seller, store, etc.) selling non-authentic denim they will call them on it publicly. (Note: keeping tabs on ebay sellers and stores doesn't mean they don't want you to buy/sell via ebay; they just want you to do it safely.)

And if you need a better excuse for spending the bucks on designer denim than just making your butt look good, HonestForum donates about 11% of its revenue to charity and helps sponsor charitable projects. The site has even launched a non-profit, Effectiveprojects.org. So if you need a daily denim fix then check out DenimBlog.com and HonestForum.com. They're about as addicting as that high you feel when you win those True Religion or Antik Denim jeans on ebay! --Emily


amominred said...

WOW! Awesome information! :)

Editor of DenimBlog.com said...

Thanks for the lovely blog about us! We so appreciate it!

Jen said...

I have on my GAP long and lean jeans with my favorite t-shirt today--must be a comfy clothes kind of day!