Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the laughs will go on...with georgie tees!

Sometimes for fashion trend tuesday we like to toot our own horn, or rather share with you a site or blog that toots it for us! (The truth? LeShan isn't feeling well and so our fashion trend expert isn't able to give you her typical insight and wisdom; you've just got lame ol' me today!) But still, this is a fabulous review and a really fun blog to boot, so fashion trend tuesday isn't a total loss!

Andrea Yanke, an expectant mother-to-be, reviewed our "oh, baby!" maternity tee on her blog,
The Laughs Will Go On:

I got a bunch of comments in church on my 'Oh, Baby!' shirt the other day though! Yeah...unique, non-Walmart brand clothing draws more attention than I thought. I also love that their maternity tee's (all of their stuff actually!) is 100% cotton! Yay! Cotton rocks. :) Really it does. It's soft, and never EVER EVER itchy. So I'd say the 100% cotton is a big bonus - especially for maternity tees cuz lots of them have a certain percent of spandex or something in there to give them more stretch. But this one still has stretch...I'm not having twins (boo hoo!!) so I think I'll make do without the extra stretch this time around! At least I sure hope so! haha. ;)

Georgie Tees also has some of the CUTEST baby clothing. If only I had twins I think I would get all of their twin onesie sets - they are just adorable!
If you read the rest of our review on The Laughs Will Go On you'll get a special code for 20% off your georgie tees purchase! And if you haven't visited our site lately you'll find a few styles are currently 50% off--that's some very fashionable savings! --Emily

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