Thursday, February 14, 2008

the light:night that just keeps shining

My two-year-old recently started requesting his door left open and the hall light on. When we turn the hall light off, if he's not totally and completely asleep he immediately says, "Stop turn de light!" (His version of "Don't turn off the light!") He then bursts into tears. For some strange reason I didn't cave when my two older girls requested a night light, but I seem to have a soft spot for my only boy. Sigh...he is pretty dang cute.

So back to the night light. I do try to conserve energy and am big into turning off unnecessary lights, but without something stronger than those turquoise-glowing LEDs we've got scattered around the house, that hall light remained on. But thanks to a product I reviewed a while back on Boutique Cafe the hall light is off and my boy is sleeping soundly. It's called the light:night from emphasis products and either the red or green one (depends on which one is charged) is a shining star in my son's existence.

To read why this little light is important enough for a thankful thursday post you can read the full light:night Daily Dish review. If you have a child who doesn't do dark at bedtime and a product that sheds a little light on the problem, you'd be thankful too! --Emily

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