Monday, December 10, 2007

what the heck is rss?

A lot of mompreneurs have gotten into blogging, whether the blog is their business or an extension of their business (like freshly baked). With blogging comes a whole new world of terms and tools and the learning curve can be pretty steep. For mompreneur monday I'd liket o share with you a great video on one such term...RSS.

RSS is one blogging technology that took more than a few patient explanations by my husband before I even started to grasp the concept. After possibly the fourth or fifth discussion (hey, I learn better by demonstration then explanation), my husband came across a truly great tutorial. RSS in Plain English is the video that finally broke through my RSS fog by giving a simple step-by-step explanation of RSS and how it works. It was almost like an RSS for dummies--but I didn't feel dumb after noticing this video's been "digged" over 1,000 times!

Think of RSS in Plain English as the light at the end of the RSS tunnel. If you're already an RSS expert you may still want to pass this along or post the link on your own blog. The more your readers understand about RSS the more likely they are to subscribe to your feed, and a large subscription base is a goal a lot of us blogging mompreneurs have.

If you've got any other great tips, tricks, or tutorials on the ins and outs of blogging please share them in the comments below. There's always something new to learn! --Emily

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