Thursday, December 20, 2007

a hot cup of cocoa

Today's thankful thursday is inspired by a song from my daughter's second-grade class Christmas all about a steamin' hot cup of cocoa "with a marshmallow or two." I am a HUGE fan of hot chocolate and am extremely grateful for its various side effects. It can warm you from the inside out, make a long night of Christmas gift wrapping less painful, and bring two friends together for a much needed therapy session. Here are five cocoa-related things I am grateful for this season:

  • Godiva's dark chocolate hot cocoa mix. Check out their holiday assortment for a great gift idea!
  • Endangered Species Chocolate's All-Natural Peppermint hot cocoa mix. Do your soul and the world a favor by supporting a worthy cause. 10% of ESC's net profits are donated to help support species, habitat and humanity.
  • Stephen's Candycane Cocoa. You can buy this flavor in single-serving packets, which when combined with a cute mug makes for another great fit idea!
  • Back to Basics' Cocoa~Latte machine. This is so much fun for the whole family and makes the frothiest, yummiest cup of hot cocoa. Just add the milk, cocoa mix, and flip the switch!
  • 7-Eleven's hot chocolate. Yep, I love this stuff. With a rich hot chocolate flavor and a variety of flavored syrups 7-Eleven lets you create your own hot chocolate confection. Tastes better than Starbuck's (though the atmosphere is a bit lacking).
What is your favorite hot chocolate mix? How do you like to enjoy your steaming cup of cocoa? Share with us your secret cocoa indulgence! --Emily

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the girls of gt said...

I love mine with cinnamon and nutmeg added, YUM! But the best hot cocoa is when I get to have it with a friend, and it's even better without the kids.