Monday, December 31, 2007

take a day off...or more!

Here is my advice for mompreneur monday on this New Year's Eve: Take the day off! Being a mompreneur means you're always trying to balance work and family. The holidays are the perfect time to start off the new year right by spending quality time on what's most important, and that's spending time with loved ones. In my opinion, the only way to keep balance as a mompreneur is to actually give more time to my family than to my business. And that's my New Year's resolution for give my time to those things that matter most. Happy New Year! --Emily

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tgduffy said...

BRAVO! You're a "mother who knows." A great spouse, mom, daughter, sister, friend and mompreneur...what a blessing you are to the world from a mom who knows!
Good advice for all of us! Thanks!