Thursday, December 27, 2007

mom's time-out

Though LeShan and I are taking the week off from our blog I wanted to do a quick post today, for it's thankful thursday and I have much for which I am thankful!

  • A slim-downed Christmas. This year we decided Santa would bring one big gift and we would supplement with only a handful of smaller gifts. Though the gifts under the tree were a bit more sparse the kids didn't seem to notice. I think we can do even better next year!"
  • "The 12 Acts of Servemas". My parents have asked that we do an act of service each Christmas and write about it instead of buying them a gift. Though we went overboard this year (12 Acts of Servemas about killed us) we're already looking forward to figuring out what we'll do next year. We're thinking an experience serving at the soup kitchen will make for a great memory for everyone.
  • Mom's time-out from writing for Boutique Cafe and posting on freshly baked. I've really enjoyed spending more time with my family. We've gone to the movies, done non-grocery shopping shopping, and stayed up late playing games. I've even been able to read the fun magazines Santa left in my stocking while sitting on the couch rather than in the bathroom!
  • Game night. My family loves to play games and we've been staying up late to do so. It's interesting the kinds of conversations you have at 11pm at night when everyone's hyped up on sugar and suffering from lack of sleep. It's quality bonding at its best. Our favorite games? Sequence, Phase 10, Apples to Apples, and Whoonu.
  • New Year's resolutions. They allow me to eat See's candy by the pound, Costco's All-American Chocolate cake by the slice-ful, and any other chocolate confection by the handful and not feel guilty about it. I might make a New Year's resolution to exercise along with that one to diet, but then again, maybe I'll save that one for 2009! --Emily

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Claudia said...

CHi, I came upon your blog, and I love it. I do not have any children yet, but most of my friends do, and I admire them for being such great mothers. I know it is hard, and I applaud you for giving back to mothers with your wonderful blog. Keep up the good work!