Monday, December 10, 2007

holiday trimmings

You've trimmed the tree, and put the decorations up, now it's time to put the tinsel on you! I'm talking about all the accessories that make your outfit go from chilling to thrilling. Here are some tips to help make your holiday's sing.

1. Nails- Winter hands look beautiful when you keep the nails trimmed and painted. At Apothena they offer water based nail polish that doesn't contain harmful chemicals!

2. Lips- Mistletoe is abundant this time of year, so keep those lips soft and oh so kissable. Stila's lip gloss have big shine but don't stick.

3. Ears- They should sparkle and shine! If you love the look of designer jewelery but find your wallet a bit thin from all the gift giving, check out Eve's Addiction for great prices on designer look-a-likes.

4. Necks- Scarves are oh so hot, and good at keeping the chill away! These soft, cable knit are available at JCrew.

The Holiday's are a great excuse to dress it up, so take advantage and do what ever makes your bell's jingle!--LeShan


the girls of gt said...

Love the Eve's Addiction site! That is an awesome find--thanks!!!

Miss Carysse said...

I like Eve's addiction line of jewelries but I also found something interesting pieces from other sites. I just bought my sterling silver rings
last Sunday and it is fabulous!