Wednesday, December 5, 2007

become a savvy organizer

For today's wonderful web wednesday I'm totally excited to feature a new website produced by one of my favorite people over at Boutique Cafe. Daria, Boutique Cafe's podcast extraordinaire, is the producer and a contributing editor for The Savvy Organizer, a podcast that "answers the call heard around the world for organization."

Maja Russell, The Savvy Organizer's podcast hostess, was destined to be an organizational coach. Her humble beginnings, revamping her teenage friends' closets at sleepover parties, drove her to her present-day, one-on-one phone coaching and on location BLITZ visits. Maja has been a regular contributor and guest for several years on Boutique Cafe's podcasts. (BC podcasts are another must-have on your iPod!)

With practical ways to streamline your life The Savvy Organizer is readily available on your iPod or online. The site's weekly podcast features tried and tested ideas, inspiration, and suggestions for getting your life in gear. And just in time for the holidays is their latest and greatest podcast, Savvy Holiday Planning.

"Freedom from chaos is the goal!" Seems like that's a goal I set every January 1st. Maybe this year it will happen with The Savvy Organizer's help! The site also features hot products and Maja's favorite ideas for maximizing your organization at home, work, or play. Just repeat after me,
"Top to bottom, left to right, focus, focus, focus." (Maja's motto--simple yet so inspiring!) --Emily

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the girls of gt said...

Organizing my house is easy, it's everything else that is OOC! Thank goodness I have you to balance that.