Monday, October 5, 2009

RMMB: My pre-teen daughter, her body image and an overly concerned dad

I'm hoping my latest post over at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog will open up a discussion on how to best make sure our daughters (and sons) have and maintain a healthy self-esteem and positive self-image. In our family my husband definitely worries more about our children's weight than I do and I think a shift in focus is what he needs. It's all about living a healthy lifestyle and not about body shape or pant size.

We are still having discussions about the girls and I hope the discussions will continue (out of our daughters' earshot of course) until we are on the same page. We are not perfect parents but we can at least try our best to do right by our children. You can read the full post here. Feel free to leave your two cents in the comments section and continue the discussion.

P.S. Go easy on Nathan...he is a man and therefore a little slow on the uptake but he'll get it! --Emily


Heather Allard said...

My husband and I go through the exact same thing. He is overly concerned about our oldest's size but his concern stems from a fear of our children being ridiculed if they are overweight. He doesn't want any of them to go through that. Like you, I just want them to be healthy, no matter what size or shape they are and confident in themself, which comes from the inside.
Great discussion. I actually have an idea for a whole new company for the tween/teen market based on this very thing. ;)

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

I left a comment on the Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, but just wanted to say thanks Emily for this article. I was so impressed with your perspective. You're such a good and loving Mom!