Monday, August 31, 2009

Will it never end?

When I first typed that title to this post I was thinking about unpacking and hauling boxes up and down stairs (first up, then down once I realize I want it in a different room). But now I'm thinking it better relates to the high expectations I set for myself. By now I would've liked to have been pretty much unpacked and at the "hanging things up and placing finishing touches" stage but that is still a few days away. I'm tired, worn out and my feet are killing me from standing up most of the day.

The good news? I found our missing shower curtains. The bad news? We still don't have a dresser so our clothes are in boxes and will be until we find one we like at a price we like even more. Has this become the lamest blog you ever read? I wouldn't be surprised, for its author seems to only have time to lament about her crazy life and moving and boxes, using those as excuses for not writing more inspiring, humorous, enlightening posts. I have a feeling I won't be back on schedule until after our cruise in a couple weeks. Of course, a 7-day cruise is my best excuse yet for a lack of posts! Don't worry...I'll post pictures so you know this excuse isn't fabricated! Until then, wish me luck as I uncover one mystery box after another... --Emily

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely at fault for setting too high of expectations also. Yikes. Hoping the un-packing is getting to a minimum now. xoxo